#236 - Building a Company with Gio Punzo

Gio Punzo / CEO & Co-Founder of Streann Media

February 21, 2023

Guest Bio

Gio Punzo / CEO & Co-Founder of Streann Media

Transformational leader with a Passion to innovate.

With 20 years experience in Telecom and Broadcast industry he's expertly launch cutting-edge technology products, global revenues building brands and creating winning team cultures.

Empowered the internet at Zoom Telephonics, connected global enterprises at Brooktrout Technology, expanded voice recognition networks while at Dialogic and introduced streaming to all major Broadcasters while at LiveU.

Gio is the CEO and Co-Founder of Streann Media, the most innovative digital media OTT platform that is revolutionizing the content industry.

With Streann content providers can build post-Netflix, Spotify or HQ experiences with new engagement features and market first patent pending monetization technologies.

Gio graduated from Boston University with Bachelor degree in Political Science & International Relations where he played NCAA Division 1 Soccer.

He has a Master Business Administration (MBA) and Post-Master Business Administration from Kellogg School of Management.

Speaks English, Spanish, Italian and Portuñol.

He has spent most of his professional career between Boston, New York and Miami.

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