#267 - Choosing the Right Co-Founder with Ed Thomas & Cary Gahm

Ed Thomas & Cary Gahm / Co-Founders & Co-CEOs of TempMee

October 11, 2023

Guest Bio

Ed Thomas & Cary Gahm / Co-Founders & Co-CEOs of TempMee

Ed Thomas and Cary Gahm are the co-founders and co-CEOs of TempMee, a technology marketplace that allows dental offices to contract directly with registered dental hygienists (RDH) and dental assistants to fill single day, short-term, or permanent positions. Launched in 2019 as a response to a staffing crisis in the industry, Thomas and Gahm have grown the Miami-based business from a bootstrapped startup to a prominent industry player. The platform currently connects more than 18,000 dental offices with over 50,000 dental professionals and has helped fill 125,000 shifts nationwide.

After securing an impressive $4.1 million in venture capital funding in 2022, TempMee has expanded its services into new markets across 20 states. Earlier this year, Gahm and Thomas expanded the platform to include dental assistants and associate dentists, providing practices with a one-stop solution for flexible professional staffing while expanding employment opportunities for trained assistants and dentists who seek convenient arrangements that best fit their lifestyles. With a proven concept that has expanded both its scope and geographic reach in the past year, TempMee has made a significant impact on an industry facing an acute crisis, presenting a modern solution for a modern problem and revolutionizing today's dental industry.

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