#279 - Your Health Is Your Wealth with Dr. Krista Imre

Dr. Krista Imre / Naturopathic Doctor at Live Wellness

January 17, 2024

Guest Bio

Dr. Krista Imre / Naturopathic Doctor at Live Wellness

Dr. Krista and Dr. Adam are Naturopathic Doctors (click HERE for more info about Naturopathic Doctors). They help people to reverse chronic disease by taking control of their health. Having worked with thousands of patients to do exactly this, the inspiration that comes from seeing so many lives completely transform continues to fuel their mission.

Dr. Krista grew up surrounded by the beauty and power of nature in a town close to Yosemite National Park in California. Being raised in a family full of conventional doctors that engendered this disappointing mindset all created the realization that something important was missing from the current medical system- hope. Naturopathic medicine became the natural choice for Dr Krista after she struggled with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome at a young age and was told all she could do was take medications for life.

Dr. Adam spent several months in China on a medical internship and was blown away by the contrasting healthcare crisis in the US, i.e. people are significantly more sick here than in other comparable countries. This national crisis was also evidenced by the lack of improvement in his own father's condition, after he was debilitated by chronic disease following the NYC 9/11 disaster. Realizing that health is predominantly determined by our lifestyle choices rather than just pills and procedures, Dr. Adam pursued an approach that empowers people to thrive rather than leaving them stuck in the "hamster wheel" of conventional medicine.

Now husband and wife, these two doctors met during their training at the oldest accredited naturopathic medical university in North America, NUNM. Their additional training in Acupuncture & Ayurvedic Medicine complements their holistic perspective on wellness. Together they have contributed to the holistic medicine research base by publishing two case reports in an integrative medicine journal. Their biomedical training helps empower their practice members to take control of their own healing, while simultaneously being fluent in conventional medicine. That is why they use life-altering, educational programs to improve your health; to create stronger foundations for wellness. They optimize your health so that you can feel less "stuck" and more "free" to live your life.

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