#281 - Don’t Be Afraid of Your Ideas with Micah Robbins

Micah Robbins / Director of The Recovery Hub of Palm Beach County

January 31, 2024

Guest Bio

Micah Robbins / Director of The Recovery Hub of Palm Beach County

Micah Robbins heads up Recovery Hub of Palm Beach County https://pbchub.org/ team as their Director.

He is a community substance use prevention leader and recovery and treatment advocate, and proud has over 25 years of experience in the field has seen him help several projects and organizations from Maine to South Florida. You will see him in the community with the Palm Beach County Substance Awareness Coalition facilitating teen development and advocating for the recovery community with the Recovery Awareness Partnership.

Micah is also the founder and facilitator of the Recovery Awareness Partnership, a regional leadership group for substance prevention, treatment and recovery advocacy and education in Palm Beach County Florida.

He brings 20 years of Executive Non-For-Profit experience and 25 years in the substance prevention arena. He brings a strong background in community leadership.

One of his other professional endeavors is utilizing his decades long career as a professional group facilitator to design, implement and facilitate a number of group experiences for both the substance treatment field as well as other adult and youth serving organizations. Because of this wide spectrum of involvement in the field, Micah has a unique set of abilities to crossover personal, public and political divides to solve community and regional challenges in the substance field, convene diverse and effective groups, as well as navigate influence political capital and policy change. He also sits on numerous advisory committees and boards including Code 893 (Chair) and National Alliance for Mental Illness (NAMI). He has dedicated his career and life in the service of helping those most in need.

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