#287 - It’s All About Connections with Anthony Tranchida

Anthony Tranchida / CEO of Rescue & Black Market Share

March 13, 2024

Guest Bio

Anthony Tranchida / CEO of Rescue & Black Market Share

Meet Anthony Tranchida, a dynamic entrepreneur who's making waves in the business world as the CEO of two innovative companies: Rescue and Black Market Share. With a keen eye for opportunity and a passion for problem-solving, Anthony has steered Rescue to achieve over $20 million in sales last year alone, thanks in part to its hero product, Grill Rescue - a steam cleaning grill brush that has become the #1 best-selling grill brush on Amazon. Not content to rest on his laurels, Anthony recently launched 'Forever Sponge,' a kitchen sponge designed to redefine cleanliness standards.

Beyond his ventures in household products and brand protection, Anthony is also an avid investor in real estate, showcasing his versatile business acumen and commitment to growth.

But Anthony's interests extend far beyond the boardroom. An adventurer at heart, he is a licensed private pilot, a scuba diving enthusiast, and a practitioner of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. His zest for life and constant pursuit of new challenges are paralleled only by his dedication to his work and family, cherishing the moments spent with his wife amidst his bustling life.

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