#289 - Surround Yourself with Like-Minded individuals with Shana Ostrovitz

Shana Ostrovitz / Executive Director at The 1909 Foundation

March 27, 2024

Guest Bio

Shana Ostrovitz / Executive Director at The 1909 Foundation

Shana is the Executive Director at the 1909 Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to the holistic growth of entrepreneurs, small business owners, creative freelancers, and innovators who give a damn about building a better tomorrow for themselves, their families, our community and the world.

1909 offers members access to one of a kind a community, workspace, education programs, and mentorship. 1909 was designed to foster innovation and uplift our community.

1909 supports a diverse population of creators including technologists, marketers, artists, musicians, engineers, designers, non-profit founders and startup founders.

Approximately 7 years, Shana started her own entrepreneurial journey in Palm Beach County. Her team had the idea to create a company that enabled small business owners to thrive, giving her the opportunity to create something she truly believed in. She enjoyed the challenges that come with being an entrepreneur and leading a company that was designed to help others. As the co-founder of Rooster, a Delray Beach based company, Shana's was able to leverage her background in marketing and strong communication skills to raise funds, build a technology platform and community of customers, and empower small business owners across Palm Beach county. Throughout her journey, she also learned many of the hard lessons of starting a business in South Florida and she believed there had to be a better way for founders to get the support they needed.

In February 2019, Shana decided to take her lessons learned and passion for empowering business owners to the next level by joining the team at 1909. After joining, Shana created and launched the 1909 Accelerator Program which has now supported 6 cohorts and over 120 founders.

At the end of 2019 the Board of Directors appointed Shana as the Executive Director of the organization and together in 2020 they worked to transition the organization and leadership team to the new 1909 Foundation. Shana has helped the organization grow into a recognized hub of entrepreneurship in Palm Beach County, supporting hundreds of founders whose businesses generate over $37 million and create over 200 jobs in Palm Beach County.

Shana started her career working on global branding for some of the largest consumer products brands in the world - including P&G Gillette and GE - before diving into the nonprofit world working with the American Diabetes Association in Southern California.

Shana is involved as a volunteer in several other community organizations including Path to College and the Venture Mentoring Team.

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