#291 - Gratitude Is the Attitude with Brian & Cassandra Oliver

Brian Oliver / Founder & CEO of KWA Group Branding
Cassandra Oliver / COO of KWA Group Branding

April 10, 2024

Guest Bio

Brian Oliver / Founder & CEO of KWA Group Branding
Cassandra Oliver / COO of KWA Group Branding

The motto of K.W.A. Group Branding is "Promote Your Brand. Promote Your Event. Promote Your Life!"

We help you Promote Your Brand through promotional items, using intentional marketing to provoke a call to action or achieve an expected result from your end users. With over a million products available, we are sure to find quality, on time and cost-effective items to meet your needs. Furthermore, we Promote Your Event with promotional products, as well as the promotion, planning, execution, contract negotiating and logistics of your event. Lastly, we Promote Your Life by serving as your community service and enrichment arm, providing leadership skills programs to your stakeholders.

Brian K. Oliver serves as Founder and Chief Executive Officer of K.W.A. Group Branding. He has over 25 years of professional history in sales, event planning and leadership workshops dedicated to driven success. His sales and event planning career are inclusive of both SMB Enterprises and Fortune 50 companies, rising to top Sales Rep and V.P. of Sales & Marketing in those sectors. As a mentor with several community-based organizations, Brian has facilitated numerous leadership workshops that provide growth and resources for youth and adults.

Cassandra W. Oliver is an excellent career professional with a 20+ years background in Education, Financial Investments and Event planning. This proud Haitian American has risen to the top of her career fields in each of the areas that she has pursued. Before leaving her post in 2000, she has been credited as the youngest Investment Broker with Costa Financial Inc., as in 2014 she received the Distinguished Principal Leadership Award for training Principals in Education throughout Florida. She is known for creating policies and procedures that bring efficiencies and productivity to the professional environment. Cassandra currently serves as Founder and Chief Operating Officer at K.W.A. Group, LLC.

Let us help you Promote Your Brand, Promote Your Event and Promote Your Life!

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