#295 - How to Build a Profitable Business with Daniel Wakefield

Daniel Wakefield / Founder of Top-Tier Headshots

May 08, 2024

Guest Bio

Daniel Wakefield / Founder of Top-Tier Headshots

I am just a former high school science teacher who happened to pick up a camera. Though I was born in Canada and moved around the U.S. as a kid, I found my passion for photography in south Florida. It all started with wildlife photography, a hobby that eventually led to publication in several books and magazines. But it didn't stop there. My growing love for the art of photography and my fascination with genuine human expression led to the founding of Top-Tier Headshots. I had the honor of being mentored by renowned photographer Peter Hurley and becoming an Associate in his Headshot Crew. I bring that expertise with me into everything I do with my clients. I'm so thankful for my loving wife Bethany and four kids, and for the grace of God that forever changed my life.

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