#297 - How Entrepreneurs Change The World with Ron Tarro

Ron Tarro / President of New World Angels

May 22, 2024

Guest Bio

Ron Tarro / President of New World Angels

Ron Tarro is the President of New World Angels. He is a New World Angels Board Director, he co-chairs NWA's Investment Committee and co-chairs its Information Technology Investments Group.

Ron is the former CEO of a telecommunications software and management services company founded in Boca Raton, Florida. He led the company from its early stages, led its expansion across nearly 40 countries, and then led its sale to a publicly held corporation. Ron began his career as a software engineer and information technology product manager. He later moved to Fortune 500 management consulting where he led analysis and strategy development for global information technology clients.

Ron's passion is helping early-stage and growth-stage tech companies focus their products and services, prioritize their customers and markets, raise funding, and accelerate their growth. He's a long-time contributor nationally to startup incubators and university entrepreneurship programs. Ron is on FAU's Tech Runway mentor board where he advises incubator leadership and the mentor teams on maximizing founder success. On the "other side of the table", Ron helps venture capital organizations find, evaluate, and support early-stage company investments.

Connect with Ron at www.linkedin.com/in/rontarro at ron.tarro@salientvoice.com or at rtarro@newworldangels.com

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