#302 - Take It Step By Step with Mish B Makeup

Mish B. Makeup / Educational Make Up Artist

June 26, 2024

Guest Bio

Mish B. Makeup / Educational Make Up Artist

Mish B. Makeup is a no B.S. educational makeup artist who was the go-to MUA of A-Listers for 30 years. Now, she's teaching you how to PROPERLY apply makeup through her new book and highly-concentrated makeup line, ShineOff Cosmetics.

Mish didn't turn to makeup because she saw the glitter and glamour. Her story is gritty and grounded in reality — a reality that at times was closer to a horror movie than anything else. She found refuge in makeup at a time when she was living through an unimaginable nightmare. Trapped in an abusive relationship that subjected her to physical, verbal abuse, and worse, she was working a day job at a Publix grocery store, trying to find some semblance of normalcy. Makeup became her escape, not just in the sense of covering up the scars but as a way to hold onto a piece of herself that could still be beautiful, still be worth something. In those moments, a makeup brush became her way of fighting back, of painting a vision of the world as she wished it to be.

Mish emerged not just to survive but to thrive. She's since graced high-profile guests and celebrities with her makeup artistry, readying them for television appearances and magazine covers. Yet, her true passion? Teaching. Mish is all about sharing the wealth of knowledge she's accumulated over the years. Her experience in the trenches of high-stakes makeup artistry, where every detail is magnified, informed her decision to champion a matte finish for the baseline product of her entire ShineOff line. It's practical, forgiving, and versatile—qualities that anyone who's ever been under harsh lighting can appreciate.

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Mish B Makeup