Blueprint For Building An Outdoor Apparel Company With Tanner Sutton

Tanner Sutton / Co-Founder of Free Fly Apparel

September 01, 2022

Guest Bio

Tanner Sutton / Co-Founder of Free Fly Apparel

Tanner grew up in a family clothing business in Montana. He spent his college summers as a fly fishing guide before transitioning to Charleston in 2010. After spending 2 years of research, he eventually founded Free Fly with the goal of creating a brand of outdoor clothing that felt buttery soft, and equally technical.

Fast forward to today and Free Fly has grown into a national brand with 500+ retailers around the country and 40 employees in our home office in Charleston. Tanner co-owns the business with his sister (Jenna) and brother-in-law (Austin). He's married with two sweet girls and resides on Sullivan's Island.

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