Anthony Scavo

May 31, 2023

#249 - Learning about Real Estate with Anthony Scavo

Anthony Scavo / President of Basis

Anthony Scavo joined Basis in August 2021, he has over 28 years of real estate development & construction experience and now serves as the COO of the firm.


Jeff Akerman

May 24, 2023

#248 - Make Money While Making Society Better with Jeff Akerman

Jeff Akerman / Founder & CEO of Rise Architecture

Jeff Akerman, a licensed architect and graduate of New York Institute of Technology with a B.Arch, has a bold vision to make a positive impact on the world.


Donald Kelly

May 17, 2023

#247 - How To Do Sales Effectively with Donald Kelly

Donald Kelly / Founder & The Chief Sales Evangelist

Donald’s mission is to evangelize the method of effective selling and motivate sellers of all levels to DO BIG THINGS!


Christine Shumate

May 10, 2023

#246 - Is Killing Odor Killing You with Christie Shumate

Christie Shumate / Founder of Transformations Esthetics & Wellness, Founder of Underarm Deodorant Granules

Christie Shumate is an award-winning licensed Esthetician and Certified Medical Electrologist, who has been in the beauty industry for more than 30 years. Her Jupiter, Florida based Spa, Transformations Esthetics &...


Robin Dimond

May 03, 2023

#245 - Lead with your Heart with Robin Dimond

Robin Dimond / Founder and CEO of Fifth & Cor

Robin Dimond is the CEO and Founder of Fifth & Cor, a marketing & innovation company based in South Florida. Dimond brings over 18 years of experience that has led to a successful team and client success stories over the...


Heather Geronemus

April 26, 2023

#244 - Find Your Purpose with Heather Geronemus

Heather Geronemus / Founder of Walk Like Madd 5k Fort Lauderdale

Heather Geronemus is senior director of social equity, opportunity and impact at UKG, where she drives the strategic direction of the company’s global philanthropic investments and initiatives focused on accelerating...


Olivia Hollaus

April 12, 2023

#243 - The Importance of Building Authentic Relationships with Olivia Hollaus

Founder & Creative Director of Protect My Shoes

Olivia Hollaus is the Founder and Creative Director of Protect My Shoes, a patented line of shoe stuffers and other fashionable shoe care essentials.


Tim Sperry

April 05, 2023

#242 - Find Your Why and You'll Find Success with Tim Sperry

Founder & CEO of Carbon Limit

Tim Sperry, founder and CEO of Carbon Limit, is a visionary entrepreneur with a background in negative emission and carbon capture technologies. Under his leadership, Carbon Limit introduced the world's first CO2...


Emmanuel St. Germain

March 29, 2023

#241 - Get Your Employees To WOW Your Clients with Emmanuel St. Germain

Emmanuel St. Germain / CEO of Choice Mortgage Group

Emmanuel has been a part of Choice Mortgage Group since 2008. He quickly became the top loan originator and started his mortgage team. Along his journey he was a Branch Manager and the COO.


Crunchi Cosmetics

March 22, 2023

#240 - Just Go For It with Kelly Kreusler

Kelly Kreusler / Co-Founder of Crunchi Cosmetics

Kelly Kreusler, co-founder of Crunchi cosmetics, has always been passionate about living a healthy lifestyle.


Las Olas Venture Capital

March 15, 2023

#239 - The Best Way to Approach a Venture Capitalist with Mark Volchek

Mark Volchek / Founding Partner of Las Olas Venture Capital

Mark is a Founding Partner of Las Olas Venture Capital, which he started in in 2016. Prior to starting Las Olas VC, Mark spent about 15 years at Higher One, a company he co-founded in 2000 while a senior in college.


Alex & Leah Sajovits

March 08, 2023

#238 - Find Your Passion with Heather Schwartzmann

Heather Schwartzmann / Founder of Allure Aesthetics

Heather Schwartzmann, PA-C is the founder of Allure Aesthetics, a medical aesthetics practice located in central Boca Raton, Florida.