Ashleigh Metherell & Kat Leitner / Co-Founders of Allora

August 24, 2019

Guest Bio

Ashleigh Metherell & Kat Leitner / Co-Founders of Allora

Kat Leitner

With an eye for detail and a passion for productivity, Kat uses her diverse background in operations, sales, recruitment and marketing to develop stellar roadmaps for business clients. She's an expert at talent recruitment and onboarding and believes strongly in the importance of creating positive, collaborative company cultures. She's a skilled lead generator, trainer and event planner. Kat is a graduate of Presbyterian College, studied at the University of Technology at Sydney and James Cook University in Cairns, Australia, and is a tireless volunteer for numerous organizations across the Palmetto State.

Ashleigh Metherell

With a successful background in operations, Ashleigh takes a behind-the-scenes, under-the-hood, best practices approach to solving client challenges. She specializes in finance, human resources and systems tracking, including insurance, investments and 401(k)'s. She's pioneered practical solutions for client management, client experiences and lead generation. Ashleigh is a graduate of Sweet Briar College, is a SHRM-CP, and earned her CLF® through The American College.

Kat Leitner and Ashleigh Metherell are natural problem solvers. In fact, they like problem solving so much that it's why they founded their low country-based outsourcing solutions company. After years of developing solutions inside the companies they worked for, the consulting team launched Allora to help businesses of all sizes improve workflow by eliminating the constant juggle of trying to effectively manage people, processes and performance.

When Kat and Ashleigh invest in solving a client's challenge, increased efficiencies and reduced costs aren't far behind. The seasoned strategists are firm believers that life doesn't get better until business gets better and that companies ultimately thrive when their leaders have more time to focus on growth, innovation and sustainability. "We've experienced it from the inside and now we're committed to sharing our knowledge to help other businesses grow and succeed."

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