Charleston Property Management with Janet Fields

Janet Fields / CEO & Co-Owner of Oak Trust Properties

August 01, 2022

Guest Bio

Janet Fields / CEO & Co-Owner of Oak Trust Properties

Janet Fields is the CEO and Co-Owner of Oak Trust Properties, a boutique family-owned property management business in Charleston, SC. She bought her first property in 2008, and in 2018 merged her business with her family's business to create the version of Oak Trust Properties that exists today. Their company culture revolves around core values that she learned from her background as a graphic designer: collaboration, positivity, and constructive criticism.

Oak Trust Properties runs a highly effective service that looks forward to problem-solving as a team. Their main focus is understanding and supporting individual goals, whether it's that of a client or an employee. As Janet continues to grow the business, it's her hope that everyone who works for and with the company feels supported and respected throughout their journey, wherever it may lead them.

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