Ep.15 - Nani Edry - Nani's Dough

Nani Edry / Nani's Dough

July 24, 2018

Guest Bio

Nani Edry / Nani's Dough

Nani Edry, the surf bum and tech industry entrepreneur who grew up in Dania Beach and also lived in Hawaii, brings his fresh, fluffy sweet treats to Delray Beach. "We don't use any dyes and we use only the freshest ingredients possible," "These doughnuts are really influenced by my time living in Hawaii and San Francisco. When I was working in the tech industry, our No. 1 thing was always, 'how can we stand out against our competition? We definitely want to offer flavors no one else has and if it is a more common flavor, we put our own spin on it". "We are always experimenting and coming up with new doughnut flavors based on what our audience has to say. We treat this business like any other what you put in is what you get out so we really emphasize quality quality quality.

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