Geoff Haynes / President of Ra Power Pro

December 19, 2018

Guest Bio

 / President of Ra Power Pro

Geoff Haynes is a serial entrepreneur and President of Ra Power Pro, an award-winning U.S. portable solar company specializing in non-traditional commercial uses for solar. Geoff began his career in the marketing department of BMW of North America, working on the famous "Ultimate Driving Machine Campaign". He loved the challenge, but was driven to become his own boss.

Soon there after, Geoff joined the first of what would be a string of successful start-up ventures spanning the next 25 years. Geoff built and sold the first 100% digital Production Company in Palm Beach County Florida, which was his first successful exit as an entrepreneur. From there, he helped revitalize one of golf's oldest brands, The National Golf Foundation through several research and marketing initiatives.

Later Geoff was instrumental in the development and launch of The Amber Watch Foundation ,a non-profit start-up, that would become the country's leading Child Abduction and Pedophile Prevention program. The Amber Watch Foundation was responsible for educating more than 3 million elementary aged children across the country. At each juncture, Geoff leveraged burgeoning technology to shatter adoption curves, while challenging conventional thinking.

In 2011 Geoff took command of his latest venture, Ra Power Pro, taking the company from start-up to the leading U.S. OEM mobile solar provider for golf and utility vehicles. Geoff has several patent-pending initiatives, and he continues to develop new products and ideas. He is a passionate advocate for leveraging technology to become better environmental stewards. Geoff earned an MBA from the McLaren School of Business, University of San Francisco and resides in South Florida.

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