February 14, 2019

Guest Bio

Casey Cochran and Stephen Kaiser, founders of Fit Food Fresh, couldn't have predicted they'd be running the highest rated meal plan in Florida when they started just 5 years ago. With no experience in the health, fitness, or nutrition industries, they dove head first into solving the problems they saw in the meal plan industry; creating a service that was truly "by members, for members".

Before Fit Food Fresh, Casey's experience seems to cover everything BUT health and nutrition; firefighting, insurance, call centers, and even building a national attorney network. His versatility is well matched with the variety of challenges he faces overseeing operations at Fit Food Fresh, and he loves taking on new projects and constantly learning new skills for creating solutions.

Stephen's background is in internet marketing and software development arena. While in college he was a founder in a social network that rivaled myspace (for a little while). After growing bored with his job at IBM, he started what grew into a successful digital media company. After years of pouring his heart into the projects of his clients, he's very happy to have something of his own creation to grow.

By constantly using their experience as customers and the feedback from their members, Casey and Stephen have created their own league in the meal plan game. By focusing on being the best instead of the biggest, they've successfully grown an aggressively loyal member base among both professionals and serious athletes. Their level of hospitality, quality of ingredients, and overall experience delivered give a lot of weight to their claim that "Your next favorite restaurant isn't a restaurant."

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