February 27, 2019

Guest Bio

Dennis Rodriguez was born in Nicaragua in the midst of a civil war. To prevent him from being recruited into combat, his parents sent him to America alone at 13 years old where he had to learn English in school and learn to provide for himself. Upon graduation, he had offers from Ivy League schools to attend on soccer scholarships but was forced to decline offers as he was in the process of becoming a legal citizen.

With no option to attend college, he learned a trade: automotive technology. Learning and working at his best friend's family business for years, he quickly got the experience he needed to branch out. He began working at a private mechanic company where the management and the environment just wasn't right. It was during his time that he decided he never wanted to work for another person ever again.

In 2003, he started his own business with a partner. The business was open for 3 years until it failed. His business partner had scammed him from everything he owned.

With a failed business and a family relying on him, he spent 3 days figuring out a business plan. The next business day, he was already looking for a location for his new business: DenRods Auto Service. Celebrating the 13th anniversary, DenRods is looking into expansion within the automotive business and even branching out into fashion.

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