Luis Terrero / Co-Founder of Bardot Salon

April 17, 2019

Guest Bio

Luis Terrero / Co-Founder of Bardot Salon

Luis Terrero (Moreno) is co-founder of Bardot Salon in Boca Raton. Bardot is a family owned business where they believe the body emanates from the inside out. There primary goal is to serve both the client and their family. Established in 2012, Bardot Salon and Spa's mission is to touch every client by inspiring their personal best. They are dedicated to providing a place for growth, in mind, body, and soul, because there is something beautiful in everyone. They strive to carry glamorous icons from the past into the future by creating relationships with clients that will stand the test of time. Their intimate boutique styled environment creates the perfect foundation for magic to happen.

Moreno was born in Washington Heights, New York City in the early 80's to parents from the Dominican Republic. His upbringing in NYC and love for hip-hop molded him into the business owner he is today. Moreno's father was a barber in the Bronx for as long as he can remember. This legacy has always motivated him to continue practicing the craft. After some trouble at school, Moreno's father said, "You do not have to go to school, but you must learn a trade such as cutting hair which you can always fall back on." Twenty years later, Moreno is still styling men's' and women's hair from his high end salon in Park Plaza.

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