Travis Bedson / Founder and CEO of CNT Maintenance

June 08, 2021

Guest Bio

Travis Bedson / Founder and CEO of CNT Maintenance

Travis Bedson founded CNT Maintenance when he was 15 years old cutting grass in high school. Over the years this Entrepreneurial idea grew from a small lawn mowing and painting company into a small general contracting company in 2003, as a way to earn side money through college, speckled with stints as a bar tender, bouncer, working at Lowe's and other odds and ends. From 2003 to 2007 a small remodeling company was formed, concentrating on kitchens and baths, small additions and painting. In 2007 commercial contracting was added to C&T Enterprises as another revenue stream. It was about this time that Travis was exposed to the Foundation Repair Industry and Structural Repair Contracting. Over the next few years of dabbling in the structural repair industry, a new venture called CNT Foundations, was founded.

As the only non-franchised based foundation company in the state and coupling engineering expertise with the general contracting experience, CNT was able to tackle projects that others in the industry either wouldn't or couldn't. Adding a manufacturing line of helical piers only broadened CNT's capabilities. Today the standard set by CNT has become the industry standards, both by engineers and consumers alike. CNT continues to innovate and develop its capabilities and services. CNT's continued commitment to its industry, team members and community will allow CNT to always be the tip of the spear in performance and service.

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