Lori Lapin / Trainer and Fitness Expert

February 17, 2022

Guest Bio

Lori Lapin / Trainer and Fitness Expert

As a trainer and fitness expert, Lori Lapin brings over 35 years of industry experience. The University of Georgia graduate specializes in Corporate Wellness with a degree in Exercise Science. In 2012, Lori opened Strong Foundations, a boutique state of the art Gym in Columbia, South Carolina. Lori and four other trainers focus their work on training individuals and small groups at all ages and stages. Lori's extensive knowledge of implementing sustainable clean eating habits and living a healthy lifestyle made her partnership with The FASTer Way to Fat Loss a natural fit. As a certified coach, Lori works closely with her clients to build a personalized program designed to ensure results through cutting-edge fitness and nutrition strategies. The FASTer Way fitness programs empower individuals by providing knowledge and tools for sustainable results.

From teaching how to fuel the body, track macros, intermittent fast, to train locally or anywhere in the country. When Lori is not training others, she enjoys participating in hiking activities. On November 13th Lori will complete The Ultimate Hike sponsored by CureSearch. In one day, she plans to trek 28 miles along the Foothill Trails in attempt to support CureSearch's mission to end childhood cancer. Lori has been married for 29 years to her husband Rob Lapin and is a mother to three sons aged 19, 23 and 25. In addition to hiking, Lori enjoys biking, planning adventure trips for clients, competing in triathlons and loves being with her friends and family.

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