Paula Dezzutti / Owner of The Striped Pig Distillery

May 09, 2022

Guest Bio

Paula Dezzutti / Owner of The Striped Pig Distillery

Paula Dezzutti, more widely known in the community as Pixie is a mother of nine and a trailblazing entrepreneur who carved out her niche in the spirits world as the first woman owned distillery, Striped Pig which features Local Choice Spirits (LCS). LCS is an award-winning, woman-owned, family-run spirits brand development and distribution platform based in Charleston, SC. As an award-winning business developer with a vision, working in a male dominated industry, Pixie's need to connect with likeminded, strong women finally came to fruition when she took the helm of the iconic Skirt. magazine in the summer of 2019.

Pixie Paula draws on over 30 years of leadership in financial services, real estate development, and entrepreneurial life: meaning her partners and clients benefit from the incredibly strong business acumen she brings to her work, whether a new opportunity, start-up company or project. Representing numerous community boards, such as the Charleston Interreligious Council and the Harbor Entrepreneur Center, Pixie Paula gives passionate keynote speeches from a diverse business background, understanding how to motivate and engage her crowd. Paula uses her voice and platform to empower women as she gives them a space to support and lift each other up with shared stories and experiences.

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