The Roadmap - Cliff Oxford

Cliff Oxford / Founder of Cliff Co & Oxford Center for Entrepreneurs

January 12, 2023

Guest Bio

Cliff Oxford / Founder of Cliff Co & Oxford Center for Entrepreneurs

Oxford has been a featured columnist for The New York Times and Forbes and was named Atlanta's Entrepreneur of the Year by the Atlanta Chamber of Commerce. Oxford was awarded the 2020 Men Impact Change Award by Dr. George E. Holmes of the Black Caucus Foundation ALC.

Oxford is founder of CliffCo., an international think tank symposium modeled for a defined third level leadership which focuses on developing members "inner" leadership presence through the three elements of personal leadership: enhancing their technical knowhow and skill; having the right attitude towards other people; and psychological self-mastery. Prior to starting CliffCo, Oxford owned the Oxford Center for Entrepreneurs which reformed the exit process for companies under $100 million dollars, allowing business exits to properly maximize the value for Entrepreneurs and employees of the company. The Oxford Center contained a portfolio of over 500 companies and Oxford's Morning ReportTM blog, where he wrote daily columns on politics, pop culture and business sold to Advantage Media, a division of Forbes Books in April 2018. Oxford's first company, StI Knowledge which was listed as thirteenth on the INC.'s distinguished editorial award list, sold to Mellon Ventures in 2004.

Southerner and visionary Cliff Oxford has released his third book, A Redneck Reverie, the rationale for Trump Phenomenon, which combines data-driven insights and real life experiences to explain Donald Trump's election to the White House and the intersection with rural cultures across America. Oxford tells the story of why the rural vote overwhelmingly voted for Trump, continue to support him and how the election was a payback vote to rebuke national economic disintegration. The rural areas have been economically decimated by an elite wealth redistribution strategy started on Wall Street which has virally affected thousands of communities like Cliff's hometown of Waycross, Georgia. Oxford's A Redneck Reverie along with his other two bodies of work, LAMBS to Leaders (Liberal Arts Majors in Business Society) and Know, Grow, Exit - How Entrepreneurs Start and Finish Fast is a continuation of his perspective about unique leadership roles in academia, journalism, politics and real-world entrepreneurship.

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