The Roadmap - Greg Abel

Greg Abel / CEO of Tailfin

February 23, 2023

Guest Bio

Greg Abel / CEO of Tailfin

Please don't call us an "agency." It just sounds so 1997. We'd prefer to call ourselves a "brand shop." Maybe it's a product of where we work, since our HQ building has had plenty of past lives - hippie co-op, pizza joint, Korean deli and dry cleaner. It's got history and a multiplicity of personalities.

So do we.

Though we were founded by "Big Agency" ad veterans, we've grown to include trendspotting strategists, code-crazy web heads, wise-cracking wordsmiths, dashing designers, pixel-pushing producers, multi-media mavens and even a few rock and roll singer-songwriters.

We're deliberately diverse in where we come from, what we like and what we're good at. And that's on purpose - it keeps things entertaining, and delivers some crazy-different perspectives on every problem we tackle.

So poke around, check out some work, then drop us a line or stop by for a visit.

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Greg Abel