What Is a Panoramic Computer Display Screen?

Barmak Heshmat / CEO of BREYLON

December 07, 2020

Guest Bio

Barmak Heshmat / CEO of BREYLON

Barmak is the CEO of Brelyon - they invented desktop IMAX — an immersive display that isn't isolating like a headset but gives you a massive image and field of view. It's getting a lot of traction in the Large Format Gaming community and it's great for remote work applications.

Here's a short video about their product and gamers reaction to it. They're an MIT spinoff that brings incredible engineering chops and experience with super efficient execution. The pandemic has created huge tailwinds for them and they have LOIs for over 5700 units of their beta device which represent over $10M of booking from early adopters in gaming businesses, defense and finance. They've just started talking to investors on a new round. All previous investors are coming back in.

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