Eric Dernick / Founder & Owner WavesMGMT

January 23, 2021

Guest Bio

Eric Dernick / Founder & Owner WavesMGMT

Eric Dernick is the founder & owner of Waves. Eric Dernick grew up in Delray Beach and attended Boca Raton Community High school. Eric was a competitive surfer from the ages of 13-18 years old. He was a sponsored surf athlete for Oakley. He attended Florida Atlantic University where he studied communications. At the age of 23 Eric created Waves Surf Academy. As the surf school grew so did the companies services. Waves Mangement was established in 2016. Waves MGMT provides hospitality services to beach clubs, country clubs and hotels throughout South Florida.

Waves Surf Academy was created in 2013 as a local surf school contracted with the City of Delray Beach. The camp started with just 10 kids for the first summer. Fast forward to today there is now nearly 1,000 plus students that attend the local camps & programs throughout the year. The program teaches students to not only surf but to makes waves in their every day lives.

As the surf school grew so did the companies services. Waves progressed into the Hospitality Industry under the name Waves Management. Waves MGMT provides beach and pool operation services for Luxury Resorts, Hotels & Beach Clubs. Waves is contracted with (OPL) Ocean Properties Limited which is one of the largest privately held hotel companies in the United States.

The company works with beach clubs, country clubs, hotels and schools throughout South Florida.

Services Include:

  • Beach & Pool Cabana Services F&B
  • Water-sports
  • Aquatic Risk Management
  • Kids Club Programs

Portfolio Includes:

  • Opal Grand Resort
  • Delray Beach Club Seagate
  • Mizner Country Club
  • Hillsboro Club
  • Delray Dunes
  • Lynn University

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