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Cristie Besu / President & Founder of Eat Me Guilt Free

March 28, 2021

Guest Bio

Cristie Besu / President & Founder of Eat Me Guilt Free

Eat Me Guilt Free began as a passion project - a very tasty one. Before Cristie Besu became the proud founder of the rapidly growing healthy-baked goods company, she was an emergency room nurse. Her curiosity for all things nutrition and fitness grew as she successfully navigated the stressful waters of the ER with her patients. Between being a full-time nurse and mom of three, Besu realized she also had to follow her passion and made the time to become certified in sports nutrition.

Besu's initial clients were her colleagues in the ER who looked to her for guidance when it came to personal nutrition and fitness. They began to experience results they had not achieved in years and the demand for Besu's services spread quickly. Besu soon found her days off were packed with client consultations, nearly all of which had one thing in common: their demanding sweet tooth.

A driven problem solver, Besu began baking. Her creation, a protein-packed, low-carb brownie, big enough to satisfy cravings, was a hit with her clientele. The combined success of nutrition consulting and glowing reception of her sweet treats allowed her to take a leap of faith. In 2013, Besu left behind the stability of a job in the ER to see clients and bake full time.

What started with friends and family wrapping Besu's brownies in her kitchen catapulted to an online business with nearly 1 million in sales after year one with the help of a little platform called Instagram. The times ahead held plenty of ups and downs for Eat Me Guilt Free; Besu sharpened her business skills and dealt with the pains of growing a new company with big dreams in store.

Today, Eat Me Guilt Free has reached the shelves of national grocers and even crossed international waters. Besu's role has expanded beyond chief baker, supported by a handful of employees who are helping shape the future of Eat Me Guilt Free. Besu believes that she will be part of the 2% of women-owned businesses that actually succeed, and mentors women pursuing the entrepreneurial path. She looks forward to continuing to share and expand the brand that has helped so many on their health journey.

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