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Dustin Robinson / Founder of Mr. Cannabis Law & Co-founder of Mr.Psychedelic Law

June 02, 2021

Guest Bio

Dustin Robinson / Founder of Mr. Cannabis Law & Co-founder of Mr.Psychedelic Law

Dustin Robinson is the Founding Partner of Mr. Cannabis Law - a full-service law firm exclusively focused on cannabis and psychedelic industries. Dustin is licensed in Florida as an Attorney, a Certified Public Accountant, and a Real Estate Agent. He focuses his practice on providing legal, accounting, financial, and business consultation to various businesses operating in the hemp, marijuana, and psychedelic industries.

Dustin has worked at one of the largest national accounting firms - Deloitte - as well as one of the largest national law firms - Holland & Knight. After working at Holland & Knight, Dustin applied his legal and accounting background in the business world while running a multi-state manufacturing company.

Dustin is deeply involved in the cannabis industry through his law firm - Mr. Cannabis Law - and various cannabis-related organizations, including CannabisLAB, ASTM D-37 Global Standards for Cannabis, Leafstyle360, and Broward County Medical Marijuana Advisory Board. Dustin also serves as the Legal Director for NORML of Palm Beach; he is on the Legal Committee for the Florida Hemp Council; and he is on the Operations Sub-committee for Hemp Industries Association. As a member of the Board of Directors of Minorities for Medical Marijuana, Dustin advocates for social equity and inclusion in the cannabis industry.

Dustin is also the co-founder of Mr. Psychedelic Law - a 501(c)(4) focused on using medical and spiritual research to drive responsible legal reform in Florida for psilocybin mushrooms and other entheogens. Dustin has drafted Resolutions for psychedelic decriminalization for various cities in Florida and hopes to build a responsible legal framework in Florida for the commercialization of psilocybin mushroom and other entheogens. Dustin has built a team at Mr. Psychedelic Law that consists of the top lawyers, lobbyist, doctors, scientists, and spiritual leaders in the state of Florida. Dustin is also represents various psychedelic non-profits including Mind Army and Ketamine Fund.

In February 2021, Dustin drafted and filed the Florida Psilocybin Legalization Bill, together with Florida State Representative Michael Grieco.

Dustin has been regularly profiled and featured as an expert in the media, including in Bloomberg News, Dazed, Forbes, VICE, Authority Magazine, Thrive Global, Benzinga, StratCann and more.

Dustin is a triple gator having earned his Bachelors in Accounting, Masters in Accounting, and Law Degree from University of Florida.

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