Why Mindset Matters More Than Skill Set

Jessica Merrell / Founder of One Degree Impact

June 16, 2021

Guest Bio

Jessica Merrell / Founder of One Degree Impact

Jessica is the co-owner of Williams Grant Writing (WGW), a leading national grant funding firm. WGW's nation-wide team of grant funding experts work with our clients to develop and execute a consistent and long-term grant strategy from research and writing to reporting. WGW exists to impact our world by providing amazing organizations with the freedom and resources to do the great work they do.

As a former media marketing executive, Jessica negotiated campaigns for some of the world's leading brands in New York and Los Angeles before moving back to Florida to start her entrepreneurial journey. She is a member of Entrepreneur's Organization (EO) and an ambassador for Women's Entrepreneur Day, an international campaign celebrated at the United Nations. She participates annually at the UN discussing topics around the Sustainable Development Goals and how global-minded entrepreneurs can accelerate the time to reach these goals.

Her philanthropic efforts are focused on the Merrell Family Foundation where they are working to create a society that prioritizes brain health across generations and treats mental illness like any other medical illness. Jessica believes that significant impact is made in the world by creating, inspiring and leading teams of passionate people who are willing to lend their skills & time to make a difference.

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