#202 - Adapt to Change with Stephen Garber

Stephen Garber / The Founder and CEO of Third Level

May 25, 2022

Guest Bio

Stephen Garber / The Founder and CEO of Third Level

Stephen Garber, CEO of Third Level, is a strategic advisor and coach to CEOs, executive teams, and large-scale transformation projects across the U.S. and internationally. Driven by a relentless passion to help business leaders both get what they really want in business and life - and to help their teams be fully engaged, passionate, and successful, Stephen has coached client teams across a wide range of industries, including IT transformation projects, financial services, real estate, construction, and health care.

Stephen helps people to see the areas of growth and challenges that they might have in a productive and positive manner by using and teaching his own unique brand of Applied Emotional Intelligence, so that impediments to personal, team, and business success are minimized. Through his work as an executive coach, team facilitator, leadership strategist, speaker, and author, Stephen has become known as a charismatic and engaging thought leader in identifying and implementing the behaviors that executives can adopt to lead them to their greatest success.

A 1975 Tufts University cum laude graduate and Boston native, Stephen Garber is the author of numerous motivational articles in the USA and UK. He has also been a featured expert on national and local television talk shows on CBS, NBC, and Fox. He lectured at FAU on leadership from 2009 - 2013. His status as a qualified mediator and memberships in the ASTD and International Coach Federation underlines his intense commitment to motivating people to become their best.

Stephen Garber has worked with many world-renowned organizations, including Accenture, PwC, Lloyds Banking Group, Rolls Royce, and British Nuclear Group. Locally he has worked with the management teams at The South Florida Business and Wealth Janney Montgomery Scott, Oppenheimer, Kaplan Residential, and Modernizing Medicine. He donates his time to his passion project, HomeSafe. Having worked extensively in the United States, Aruba, the United Kingdom, and Europe, Stephen has helped thousands of people to personal and professional success.

Stephen lives a purposeful life with his wife Suzy in Boca Raton, FL enjoying yoga, the beach, and being a grandfather

"Stephen Garber and Third Level have been coaching our senior executives and senior managers both individually and in teams since 2004. They have shown a good grasp of our business and people development objectives and successfully helped us to achieve them through coaching skills and outstanding team facilitation. While emotional intelligence may seem to many like a soft skill frill, we have found the unusually grounded applied Emotional Intelligence approach Third Level brings to be of value to raising individual and team performance - and very helpful with client relations. We've very gainfully employed Stephen and his team with both geographic management and teams leading very large projects - with great success and benefit." Richard Lumb, Group Chief Executive - Financial Services Accenture

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