#203 - Stop Second Guessing with Jared Yellin

Jared Yellin / Founder of Project 10K

June 01, 2022

Guest Bio

Jared Yellin / Founder of Project 10K

Jared Yellin is a parallel entrepreneur who focuses on launching companies that even the playing field. From marketing solutions, to educational platforms, simple sales training, and so much more, Jared has supported over 100,000 small business owners over the past 10+ years. He brings a depth of knowledge on marketing and scaling a business (while "having it all") that is not only diverse but is also extremely practical and proven. In fact, his no-nonsense style to growth allows people of all levels to thrive when it comes to meeting and exceeding their goals.

Jared has a number of life-altering companies including SYNDUIT, the first marketing platform with content for your industry that is currently supporting over 40,000 small businesses from around the world.

In June of 2020, Jared declared a new moonshot…

Build, scale, and sell 10,000 tech companies in 10 years which led to the birth of Project 10K, the first tech ecosystem that co-founds tech companies with entrepreneurs from around the world.

Jared is most proud of being a father of two beautiful children, Taylee and Ryker, and he has committed his life to doing whatever possible to create more freedom with his kids and beautiful wife, Lindsay.

On Jared's tombstone it will read…

The man who helped other people accomplish more than they ever deemed possible while he, himself, accomplished the impossible that no one ever knew.

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