#204 - Success Is Not Linear with Christine Sylvain

Christine Sylvain / Founder and Executive Director of the Path to College Fellowship

June 08, 2022

Guest Bio

Christine Sylvain / Founder and Executive Director of the Path to College Fellowship

Christine Sylvain is the Founder and Executive Director of the Path to College Fellowship, whose mission is to secure the acceptance of as many high-achieving, low-income students into top-tier universities as possible. Christine's vision is to answer and address one of society's most urgent educational inequities: access to higher education.

At her core, Christine loves the art of storytelling in any medium, especially at the intersection between history, politics, and literature. She has a Master of Arts in Journalism from New York University and a Bachelor of Arts cum laude in Political Science from the Harriet L. Wilkes Honors College at Florida Atlantic University. Christine began her career as an associate producer of documentaries for broadcasters such as PBS and HBO. She worked on "Hecho a Mano," a film that won an Emmy in the cultural and historical documentary category.

Christine first realized her passion for educating and mentoring adolescents through her experience leading the Journalism Academy for a local charter high school, before working at an alternative prep school in a multitude of subjects including college advising and SAT prep. She brings wide experience in high-level operational and program management, as well as expertise in supervising budgets, spearheading policy and procedure development and implementation, forging solid relationships, and overseeing top-performing teams. Most importantly, she has a deep understanding of some of the systemic challenges holding our best and brightest back from achieving the highest levels of their academic potential. Path to College is the way beyond these obstacles for the most overlooked and most over-deserving students.

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