#210 - Trust Movement Only with Brad Cohen

Brad Cohen / Owner of World Famous Ghost Kitchen & Trust Movement Only

July 20, 2022

Guest Bio

Brad Cohen / Owner of World Famous Ghost Kitchen & Trust Movement Only

Brad Cohen an entrepreneur born in New York raised in Florida. One of the most successful entrepreneurs in south Florida. Brad is a man full of life and love for others. One of his biggest goals is to give back to the community. Where he has done it through foundations and volunteering. Feeding homeless on a weekly basis. And now giving back through his knowledge to teach people like himself to grow when it comes to business and personal. Brad owns one of the biggest Insurance companies in the United States. Real Estate through the Nation including his last purchase of the infamous white house here in Fort Lauderdale. Brad comes from an entrepreneur family who has grown business from the ground up. Now he does podcasts, speaks at universities, small gatherings at his personal home where he teaches and motivates others to achieve their goals. Brad has 3 beautiful children and very relationship with them. He surrounded by a strong team including his brother which is his main business partner, his therapist, and his girlfriend. Brad is going to continue with his go getter attitude towards life and business. He's a huge believer in trust movement only organization and he has no retirement in his future. Brad trust movement only refers to peoples actions and not what comes out of their mouth.

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