#214 - How to Impact Your Business with Robert Matzkin

Robert Matzkin / CEO of Robert Matzkin Coaching

August 31, 2022

Guest Bio

Robert Matzkin / CEO of Robert Matzkin Coaching

Rob is a Performance and Leadership Coach and a Ten-time Startup Founder with multiple successful exits. Angel Investor, Public Speaker, He now works with Entrepreneurs and Executives to get them performing at their highest levels. Rob focuses on the mental, tactical, and strategic aspects of leading and growing a company. He has built a vast international network of partners, clients, companies & high-net worth colleagues & continues to work diligently to create opportunity, & success through passionate service. He has a proven track record of getting entrepreneurs from where they are to where they have only dreamt of being. He brings to bear all his real world real experience he knows what it's like to go through the entrepreneur journey and has been through all its phases himself.

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