#219 - Trust & Commitment Equal Success with Claudia Stefano-Maicon

Claudia Stefano-Maicon / Owner of Posh Fit Boca

October 19, 2022

Guest Bio

Claudia Stefano-Maicon / Owner of Posh Fit Boca

I have a finance background; I was on Wall Street for 11 years starting 1990 working in Institutional Sales for the leader in the industry Dean Witter Reynolds which was acquired by Morgan Stanley. I left Morgan Stanley to join Goldman Sachs in 1992 -2001.

2001 I began working with a hedge fund lending money too small to medium-sized businesses. In 2008 the investment of hedge funds evolved into new name in the lending space called MCA merchant Cash Advaced lending. After lending money for several years I saw the real need for small business owners where to save their business from going under and in 2011 I created a corporate debt restructuring firm called Regroup Partners Inc.

I have always had a love to Fitness and womans fitness particularly. I began my fitness journey when I was 18 years old at Living Well Lady, I love the concept of feeling comfortable without judgment working out.

I opened Posh Fit on March 20, 2021

We have 6 employees

We have a vision to empower woman through their fitness journey

When POSH FIT was created, the founder, Claudia Stefano saw the need in the market and wanted to design a facility that gave women the opportunity to try new things and push themselves in a welcoming, comfortable environment. many women do not ever get started working out for assorted reasons — because they feel they are not in good enough shape, or they do not know where to start. This is partly the fault of the fitness industry, and we are here to help change that!

Claudia wanted to create a space where all women interested in strength training are welcome, regardless of age or ability. A space where women who may have once been intimidated or afraid of lifting a barbell, deadlifting a heavy weight, or hanging from the bar are now celebrating these accomplishments! A space where women come to learn, grow, and give it their all — without worrying what others think.

We have discovered so many women who have benefited from our community and the support of all the other women here!

While we welcome all fitness levels, it is important to note that the programs we offer are not a "light" version of strength training by any means. Our training programs work for seasoned athletes to beginners simply because we have talented and caring coaches who help each individual scale to her needs. Good form, good technique, and working to individual ability is taught and reinforced in each class. And we are constantly working to improve our programming.

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