#242 - Find Your Why and You'll Find Success with Tim Sperry

Founder & CEO of Carbon Limit

April 05, 2023

Guest Bio

Tim Sperry / Founder & CEO of Carbon Limit

Tim Sperry, a visionary entrepreneur and inventor, is the founder and CEO of Carbon Limit, a groundbreaking company dedicated to mitigating the effects of climate change through innovative carbon capture solutions. With an extensive background in developing and commercializing negative emission and carbon capture technologies, Tim has pioneered the creation of the world's first CO2 capturing concrete.

As a serial entrepreneur, Tim's unyielding passion for developing novel products and technologies has been the driving force behind his remarkable accomplishments. His keen ability to assemble the best teams has enabled him to establish innovative and impactful businesses that strive to protect, heal, and improve our planet and its inhabitants.

Through Carbon Limit, Tim's visionary leadership and dedication to a greener future have brought about a transformative approach to the construction industry, revolutionizing the way we think about sustainable infrastructure. With his relentless pursuit of change, Tim Sperry continues to lead the charge towards a more environmentally conscious world, inspiring others to join him in making a lasting, positive impact.

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