#248 - Make Money While Making Society Better with Jeff Akerman

Jeff Akerman / Founder & CEO of Rise Architecture

May 24, 2023

Guest Bio

Jeff Akerman / Founder & CEO of Rise Architecture

Jeff Akerman, a licensed architect and graduate of New York Institute of Technology with a B.Arch, has a bold vision to make a positive impact on the world. He established RISE Architecture, formerly known as BizDesigns, in 2010 from his basement in Brooklyn, New York. Since then, Jeff and his team of six have experienced exponential growth, working on diverse projects ranging from major interior renovations to commercial, mixed-use, industrial, and institutional new buildings.

Jeff's entrepreneurial spirit doesn't stop at RISE Architecture. Under his unofficial umbrella of "Jeff Akerman Incorporated," he has partnered with Jack Jaffa & Associates, a real estate consulting firm, to offer permit services for over 3,000 interior renovation projects in New York City. His extensive knowledge of zoning and building codes has resulted in over 1,500 successful filings with the NYC DOB. Jeff has also partnered with a Special Inspections Agency (SIA) to expand the firm's services and provide a seamless experience for clients from concept to construction.

Continuously seeking opportunities for growth, Jeff has also established both RISE Architecture NJ and RISE Architecture FL in partnership with another reputable principal. These branches service more than ten states outside of New York (even venturing into Canada), with plans for further expansion. With a remarkable 94% growth within two years of inception, RISE Architecture NJ is currently handling over three hundred projects, with more than eighty projects actively in progress at any given time. These projects collectively represent a value of over $2 billion annually.

Jeff's passion for learning and creating invaluable relationships has led him to explore untapped opportunities and potential through thorough research, effective communication, and his capable team. Supported by friends, family, and like-minded professionals, Jeff is one step closer to actualizing his vision. He is also involved in several real estate developments in New Jersey, New York, and Florida, driving positive change in the industry.

As a passionate learner, Jeff Akerman's journey as an architect and entrepreneur is characterized by ambition, expertise, and a commitment to making a difference in the world. With his dynamic approach to architecture, real estate, and business, Jeff is constantly pushing boundaries and unlocking new planes for success.

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