#259 - Stop Wasting Time On Social Media with Liana DeGeorge

Liana DeGeorge / Blogger

August 16, 2023

Guest Bio

Lianawhoo / Blogger

Hello, my name is Liana. An ex-wife, mother of two, and apparently an influencer to some. Although I'm not a fan of that term especially in this day and age where everyone throws it around and hopes it sticks. I actually found my niche on accident and that's when my "Lianawhoo" career took off. All of a sudden, women were looking up to me and I realized I was in a position where I can use my platform for something good. Expressing myself as well as being the voice for those who were too afraid to step outside society's idea of "normal."

I went against the grain and stumbled upon the most beautiful, challenging, exciting life that constantly keeps me on my toes.

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