#262 - Take That Leap of Faith with Claudius Nan

Claudius Nan / Founder of Walkway Management South Florida

September 06, 2023

Guest Bio

Claudius Nan / Founder of Walkway Management South Florida

Claudius Nan is a passionate entrepreneur with roots tracing back to Romania, where he was born under the oppressive communist regime of Ceaucescu. A beacon of resilience, Claudius and his family escaped this tyranny, settling in the vibrant landscapes of South Florida when he was just a child. His diverse educational background, earned in Tennessee, encompasses both Telecommunications and Theology, providing him a unique perspective on both technology and humanity. Today, Claudius proudly wears the hats of owner at Walkway Management South Florida and co-owner of Walkway Management Atlanta. As a certified walkway auditor, his mission is clear: ensuring the communities of South Florida walk on slip-free floors, advocating for floor safety through both testing and remediation. On the home front, Claudius is blessed with a loving wife and two adventurous sons, Gideon Leonidas and Nehemiah Ozias, who no doubt share their father's zeal for making a difference in the world.

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