#268 - Pursue Your Passion with Tom Graham

Tom Graham / CEO of Life Imaging

October 18, 2023

Guest Bio

Tom Graham / CEO of Life Imaging

Tom Graham is a serial entrepreneur and the CEO of Life Imaging, an imaging center based in Deerfield Beach & Orlando Florida. The facility serves all of South & Central Florida with advanced early detection of heart disease and cancer, and a wide range of other serious illnesses and health conditions affecting vital organs. In 2018, he embarked on a mission to revolutionize healthcare by establishing Life Imaging Fla. as a beacon of proactive health management and disease prevention.

Under Tom's leadership, Life Imaging has emerged as a dedicated preventive center in South & Central Florida, serving the vital health needs of over 10 million Floridians. With an unwavering commitment to early disease detection, Life Imaging has become a transformative force in the medical landscape by detecting over 100 diseases and various forms of cancer which has ultimately contributed in saving many many lives.

Life Imaging's groundbreaking services empower individuals to take control of their health by offering screenings for early detection of Heart Disease & Cancer that can identify potential health issues up to a decade before symptoms occur. This proactive approach grants individuals the advantage of timely and effective medical interventions, increasing their chances of successful outcomes. Tom's dedication to providing fast, accurate, and painless screenings through Life Imaging Fla reflects his passion for equipping individuals with the tools to safeguard their well-being by staying ahead of the two biggest killers of humans on the planet Heart Disease & cancer.

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