#268B - In Loving Memory of Joe Hill AKA Captain Hook

Joe Hill AKA Captain Hook

October 18, 2023

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Joe Hill AKA Captain Hook

In Loving Memory of

Joe Hill AKA Captain Hook

"You Go, You Get"




It is with a heavy heart that we say goodbye to a true legend, an entrepreneur extraordinaire, and a devoted family man, Joe Hill, also known as Captain Hook. He recently sailed into the great beyond, leaving behind a legacy that will forever be etched in our hearts.

Joe was not just an incredible father but a loving husband, father to Matt, Jason, and Michelle, son, brother, uncle, and grandfather. He touched the lives of all who knew him, leaving an indelible mark. Joe's heart was immense, and his larger-than-life sense of humor made him a true character to many. He always strived for the best for everyone he knew and loved.

Captain Hook was not just a man; he was a character in the vibrant tapestry of New York City. His store, CAPTAIN HOOK'S, at the South Street Seaport, was a treasure trove of wonders and the embodiment of his spirit - a place of wonders and curiosities that he skillfully transformed into a maritime treasure trove. Visitors to his shop often had to give the door a firm kick, but once inside, they were greeted with a hearty "Welcome aboard!" from the portly fellow in a pirate hat. From ship-in-a-bottle to wooden ship models, Joe had it all. His eccentricity was his charm, and he was beloved by all who crossed his path.

For 25 years, Captain Hook was the heart and soul of Schermerhorn Row, a place where early 19th-century buildings whispered tales of history. He was the fifth of the original six commercial tenants, and his unique charm was a treasure to behold.

Captain Hook's story was one of resilience and determination. He took on the giants of commerce but was ultimately defeated by the forces of change. His landlord sought to raise his rent to an astonishing $20,000 a month from $2,000. He wanted to preserve the seaport's nostalgic "mom and pop" atmosphere. He argued that the seaport's design, characterized by quaint, independently owned shops, old-world charm, and a welcoming sense of community, was integral to its identity and should be protected from commercialization and corporate influence. He sought to maintain the seaport as a haven for local businesses and a beloved destination for visitors who cherished its unique, family-friendly ambiance.

Captain Hook's life story was a testament to his love for fishing, which he inherited from his grandfather. However, it was his love for the sea and his knack for sales that truly defined him. His collection of maritime artifacts was unparalleled, and he was always eager to share its history with anyone who showed interest.

Captain Hook's store was not just a shop; it was an embodiment of New York's eclectic spirit, a place where one could find treasures from the depths of the ocean and the annals of history. He had a unique way of making every visitor feel like part of his show, and it was this quintessential New York charm that endeared him to all.

In his memory, we celebrate the life of a man who was more than just a businessman; he was a symbol of perseverance, showmanship, and the enduring spirit of New York. Farewell, Captain Hook, may your spirit continue to sail the seven seas of our hearts. ⚓🏴‍☠️🌊 #CaptainHook #NewYorkLegend #InLovingMemory

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