#269 - Don’t Neglect Your Health with Ariel & Irena

Ariel Dominguez & Irena Tigranyan / Co-Founders of HealthBird

October 25, 2023

Guest Bio

Ariel Dominguez & Irena Tigranyan / Co-Founders of HealthBird

HealthBird is an easy-to-use platform where you can book your doctor's appointments, manage your medication, insurance benefits, and get a birds-eye view of your health.

The problem: Purchasing healthcare is complex, with many steps and an overwhelming number of options.

The solution: Our user-friendly matching algorithm and straightforward UI/UX help customers easily find their ideal insurance plan. What used to take one to two days to buy a health insurance plan, now takes less than eight minutes with us at HealthBird. We're all about offering a simple quoting tool and a dedicated concierge team that's ready to assist our members with anything related to health insurance.

Ariel's Bio:
Ariel boasts a diverse and impactful executive career across some of the industry's most prominent organizations. His multifaceted expertise encompasses Executive-level operations, marketing, technology, and finance. With a distinguished tenure at top-tier institutions, Ariel has played pivotal roles in shaping the trajectory of companies including Funding Metrics, BPI Sports, and Hola Doctor Inc. Currently serving as the CEO of HealthBird, Ariel's contributions have been central to the transformative growth and triumph of these enterprises. His strategic acumen is particularly pronounced in crafting marketing strategies, alongside pioneering and implementing pivotal operational initiatives. Moreover, Ariel's foray into innovative technology solutions hasn't just benefited individual organizations; it has heralded industry-wide shifts. This testifies to his unwavering commitment to excellence and his propensity for adopting a forward-thinking stance in every endeavor he embraces.

Irena's Bio:
Irena is a seasoned operations specialist with an impressive track record. Her impactful contributions at Tesla, startup Alfred, Lucid Motors, and Healthbird have driven strategic initiatives and yielded thriving products. She excels in orchestrating marketing events, cultivating strategic partnerships, streamlining hiring procedures, and bolstering overall company profitability. Irena's strategic prowess also extends to crafting comprehensive marketing and PR strategies that amplify brand visibility and foster strong industry connections.

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