#286 - Teamwork & Dedication Make Your Dreams Come True with Purnima Patel

Purnima Patel / Owner & Operator of Masala Mantra Indian Restaurant

March 06, 2024

Guest Bio

Purnima Patel / Owner & Operator of Masala Mantra Indian Restaurant

Purnima and Krunalbhai Patel are a husband-and-wife team, originally from India, and the owners and operators of Masala Mantra Indian restaurant in the West Palm Beach area of Florida. They are planning multiple locations throughout Florida, and then the US.

Masala Mantra, situated at 11051 Southern Blvd, Royal Palm Beach, FL, represents Purnima's venture into a more modern interpretation of Indian dining. This restaurant stands out for its contemporary feel and design, emphasizing a relaxed and enjoyable dining experience. The concept behind Masala Mantra is to blend traditional Indian dishes with a modern setting, complete with a comfortable bar and stylish decor.

Purnima and Krunalbhai's entrepreneurial journey in the culinary world reflects their passion for Indian cuisine and their commitment to providing high-quality dining experiences. Their restaurants are a testament to their dedication to both preserving traditional Indian cooking and adapting to contemporary dining trends.

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