#296 - Entrepreneurship Is A Game Of Endurance with Michelle Caba

Michelle Caba / Founder & CEO of Fama Agency

May 15, 2024

Guest Bio

Michelle Caba / Founder & CEO of Fama Agency

Michelle Caba is a best-selling author, speaker, business advisor, and brand strategist. She is the founder and CEO of Fama Agency, a brand and business development consulting firm, and the creator of the Style Your Business Accelerator—a digital platform that has helped over 600 businesses double their revenue. With real-life experience in building and selling multiple businesses of her own, Michelle brings global business-building strategies to entrepreneurs at any stage.

Michelle holds a master's degree in behavioral psychology from Columbia University and spent 20 years on Wall Street mastering the art of data-driven decision-making, shaping strategies for major corporations. She excels at crafting business strategies aligned with market conditions, diversifying business products and services to achieve sustainable growth, and conducting thorough market research to identify opportunities, target audiences, and emerging trends. Additionally, she is skilled at applying data analytics for strategic planning, marketing, and sales optimization. Her commodity is clarity, helping businesses simplify to amplify revenue and profits.

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