AI, Taylor Swift, and the Journey to Becoming a Leadership Rock Star!

Danielle Johnson / Founder of Cannon Leadership Group

July 26, 2023

Guest Bio

Danielle Johnson / Founder of Cannon Leadership Group

As an ardent entrepreneur and the founder of Cannon Leadership Group, I harness two decades of experience not only as an executive coach, but also a mentor to high performers across the board. With my roots spread across diverse domains, including tech, retail, and finance, my leadership footprint dots the global and regional business map.

My credentials are reinforced by certifications from prestigious institutions, including Executive Coaching Certifications from both the Hudson Institute of Coaching and The Coaches Training Institute, and a Systemic Team Coaching Certification from The Global Team Coaching Institute. I hold a PCC Accreditation from the International Coaching Federation, as I finalize the process of attaining my MCC. A testament to my dedication to excellence in an industry that demands rigor and integrity.

My clients appreciate my relationship-centric approach, which couples my innate intuition with an unwavering commitment to pushing clients beyond their comfort zones when necessary. My reputation hinges on the trust I've built and the impact I've made, fostering life-changing transformations.

As a committed lifelong learner, my favorite days start with a perfectly brewed French press and content that expands my perspective. Two of my most gratifying achievements are: raising a son who exemplifies empathy and grit, and hearing from clients that our journey together was transformative.

Fueled by the trust given to me by my clients, each one serving as a unique source of inspiration, I feel a profound gratitude. With an unwavering mission to guide as many people as possible towards their dreams, I'm just getting started.

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