Rich & Sena Wheeler

September 22, 2022

How to Run a Sustainable Fishing Business

Rich & Sena Wheeler / Founders of Sena Sea

Rich and Sena Wheeler are a third-generation fishing family and work hard to bring home the very best fish. Their goal with Sena Sea is to bring the consistent premium quality that they get to enjoy, direct to their...


Kevin Rindal

September 14, 2022

Workplace Safety Strategies

Kevin & Dana Rindal / Founders of Vimocity

Vimocity was originally founded as a side project by husband and wife duo, Kevin and Dana Rindal.


Aaron Schmookler

September 07, 2022

Engineering a Change-Ready Company Culture

Aaron Schmookler / Co-Founder & Company Culture Engineer of The Yes Works

Aaron Schmookler works with business leaders who believe that their people are their greatest asset. As a “Company Culture Engineer,” he supports them to build structures, habits, and mindsets that support an enduring...


Christine Rose

August 24, 2022

Building Business Equity in a Company

Christine Rose / CEOAccel, Christine Rose Coaching and Consulting

A graduate of Georgetown University with Certificates in Coaching Excellence in Execution and Leadership from the Institute for Generative Leadership, Ms. Rose is a Certified Value Builder Advisor, Certified Core Values...


Greg Giuliano

August 17, 2022

How to Be an Authentic Leader

Greg Giuliano / Author of The Next Normal: Transform Your Leadership, Your Team, and Your Organization

In The Next Normal, Greg Giuliano provides an actionable framework for anyone who wants to rethink, reset, and renew their leadership to make a bigger impact, engage their people, and lead more successful transformation.


David & Kati Carthum

August 10, 2022

Running a Thriving Donut Shop Business

David & Kati Carthum / Co-Owners of Little Richard Donuts

Though they had never owned a business prior to Little Richard’s, the opportunity to purchase the land, building, and business came up in the spring of 2021.


Kati and David Carthum

August 10, 2022

Running a Thriving Donut Shop Business

Kati and David Carthum/Co-Owners of Little Richard's Donuts

David grew up in Westport, WA and has lived in Kitsap County for the last twelve years and Kati grew up in Bremerton, WA. Both attended Western Washington University for their undergraduate degrees and Central Washington...


Nikki Rausch

August 03, 2022

How to Be Better at Sales as an Entrepreneur

Nikki Rausch / CEO of Sales Maven

CEO of Sales Maven, Nikki Rausch has the unique ability to transform the misunderstood process of “selling”. With 25+ years of experience selling to prestigious organizations like The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation...


Chris Kaminski & Nathan Donohue

July 27, 2022

Building a Team-Focused Financial Advisor Practice

Chris Kaminski & Nathan Donohue / Co-Founders of Consilio Wealth Advisors, LLC

Consilio Wealth Advisors, LLC (“CWA”) is a registered investment advisor. Advisory services are only offered to clients or prospective clients where CWA and its representatives are properly licensed or exempt from...


Eric Mahler

July 20, 2022

The Booming Coffee Business

Eric Mahler / CEO of Caffe Cocina Coffee Roasting Co.

Thriving in the world of coffee since 2012, Eric holds Specialty Coffee Association certification and accompanies several victories in local and abroad coffee art competitions. Responsible for the flow and future of Caffe...


Julie Fry

July 13, 2022

Why You Should Be a Guest on Podcasts

Julie Fry / Founder of Your Expert Guest

Julie Fry is the Founder of Your Expert Guest, a podcast guest booking agency for thought leaders that want visibility without spending HOURS on social media. She and her clients can track hundreds of thousands of dollars...


Rob Hampton

July 06, 2022

Sound Technology for Musicians and Podcasters

Rob Hampton / Founder & Operator of Coda Music Technologies

Rob has spent the majority of his career in the music industry. His roles have included everything from music retail sales to performing at countless terrible bar shows and festivals, to directing music at churches.


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