AI Unleashed: Beyond ChatGPT's Horizon

Boaz Ashkenazy / Co-Founder & CEO of Simply Augmented

February 28, 2024

Guest Bio

Boaz Ashkenazy / Co-Founder & CEO of Simply Augmented

As the CEO and Co-founder of Simply Augmented, Boaz Ashkenazy is a pioneering force in transforming the workplace of the future through the strategic deployment of AI in business operations.

Boaz brings a unique perspective that draws on his experience at Meta, where he played a role in developing internal tools to boost employee productivity. Previous to Meta he was the co-founder of a series of emerging tech startups in the design, e-commerce and remote meeting space.

As one of the driving forces behind Simply Augmented, Boaz is committed to establishing a premier AI-first solutions providor that empowers businesses to harness generative AI for optimizing their core business workflows.

Boaz is also the creator and host of the Shift AI podcast, which is syndicated through Geekwire. The podcast serves as a platform for spotlighting thought leaders who are pushing the boundaries in AI and the future of work.

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