Beyond Receipts: Kristine Nguyen's Journey from Ledger to Leader

Kristine Nguyen / Founder & Accountant of Pretty Books

November 01, 2023

Guest Bio

Kristine Nguyen / Founder & Accountant of Pretty Books

My passion lies in the journey of business creation. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work and think at the same table with entrepreneurs working to bring their ideas to reality. I am an entrepreneur, as well as an advocate for financial education. I believe that financial clarity gives us the freedom to map the world and create the life we all want.

Kristine Nguyen is an accountant and founder of Pretty Books where she and her team oversee financial management, providing services such as bookkeeping, accounting, back office management, financial modeling, and cash flow management for companies big and small. She and her team enjoy helping small business owners interpret and manage their financials as well as develop tactical accounting processes to support strategic decision making.

When she is not in the office, Kristine likes being involved in the community, and especially meeting new people!

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