Blueprints & Business: Crafting Tacoma's Co-Working Spaces

Reid Fetters / Founder of FC Group

March 20, 2024

Guest Bio

Reid Fetters / Founder of FC Group

I hail from the Crossroads of America, better known as Indiana, and am living proof that there's more than corn in Indiana. Google it! After nearly fifteen years residing on the east coast, I yearned for a change in both environment and lifestyle. The allure of the Pacific Northwest (PNW) beckoned as an opportunity for a fresh beginning. Despite launching my own real estate consulting venture, FC Group, mere months before the onset of a global pandemic, I embraced the challenge head-on.

The initial years in Tacoma were not without hurdles, compounded by the aftermath of COVID-19. Nevertheless, I maintained optimism regarding the city's potential for growth. In the summer of 2021, I embarked on a mission to foster a sense of community with Tacoma Rising, a business and real estate-focused group. Though the vision lacked clarity initially, I believed in the power of bringing like-minded individuals together to drive momentum. Early gatherings centered around discussions on Tacoma and its developments, utilizing social media to amplify positive news and employing basic engagement strategies to unite people. Fast forwarding to today, our monthly tours has been a hit and continue to sell out.

Through Tacoma Rising, my involvement in Tacoma's commercial real estate (CRE) scene deepened. This journey led me to forge connections with J Squared Investments, the city's prominent landlord. Initially engaged to revitalize their properties with new amenities, coworking spaces, and retail opportunities, this collaboration paved the way for the inception of JCR Collective. Partnering with Chris Davidson, we established an architecture firm specializing in office, retail, and residential spaces.

As the flagship property of J Squared Investments, the Rhodes Center experienced remarkable leasing traction. Inspired by this success, I launched UrbanWork Spaces—a premier coworking venture aimed at activating and seamlessly integrating the lower-level retail spaces with the upper-level offices. Situated in downtown Tacoma, UrbanWork swiftly leased out nearly all its offices within a month of opening, mirroring the triumph of the Rhodes Center.

I take immense pride in the transformative work undertaken in Tacoma, and the future holds boundless opportunities for growth and innovation.

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