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Christine Rose / CEOAccel, Christine Rose Coaching and Consulting

August 24, 2022

Guest Bio

Christine Rose / CEOAccel, Christine Rose Coaching and Consulting

A graduate of Georgetown University with Certificates in Coaching Excellence in Execution and Leadership from the Institute for Generative Leadership, Ms. Rose is a Certified Value Builder Advisor, Certified Core Values Coach, Certified PsychologicalSafety Coach in partnership with Amy Edmondson's The Fearless Organization, Canfield Certified Advanced Trainer in The Success Principles & Canfield Methodology, Prosperity Building Coach & Forbes Coaches Councilmember. A top business coach who's co-authored 3 books including a book with Shark Tank star Kevin Harrington, she is author of International Book Awards' winning finalist for 2021Best New Nonfiction Book, Life Beyond #MeToo: Creating a Safer World for OurMothers, Daughters, Sisters & Friends, which was featured onUnitedNations#equaleverywhere campaign and endorsed by Jack Canfield, who wrote,"Managers and leaders should all be required to read this book!"Ms. Rose is a recipient of the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award conferred by President Joseph Biden. Her insights are frequently featured on and manysites globally. And on top of all that, she's a mom and a grandma of 4-month-old AJ ,who has all the intensity of a future CEO.

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